Worst Reality TV Shows

These shows are trashed in every form of media and yet they seem to always last for multiple seasons. Everyone needs a guilty pleasure, and that is why more and more of these shows are constantly in production. Although we may love to watch them, here is the worst of reality television.

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    Flavor of Love

    WOW. The fact that this show has had multiple seasons is a statement on society. One can only hope that this show is a warning sign to young people of what happens without a college education.
  • 2.

    Super Sweet 16

    Spoiled children plus weak parents equal this ridiculous show on MTV. There should be plenty of reasons to make a file with Child Protective Services for each of these useless teenagers and their pathetic parents.
  • 3.

    The Bachelor

    It should be called man who gets a lot of action and then still gets to stay a bachelor. What a joke. None of the relationships have lasted and no marriages have resulted.
  • 4.

    The Swan

    Women who are super self-conscious have an out. Plastic Surgery! Let’s all agree (insert sarcasm here) that women should be seen and not heard and that the only way to have confidence is to be super model beautiful. I now understand the why this show exists.
  • 5.

    Parental Control

    If you want to have a good laugh at people trying to make script reading sound as fake as possible, this is the show for you. Parents who hate the person their son/daughter are dating get to pick a new person for them to date. The script reading is so bad it is hard to make it through watching a whole episode.
  • 6.

    Married by America

    When marriage is at the point where we can create an arranged marriage on reality TV it is officially time to bring back some old fashioned values. Then again I think this show was proven to be a flop as neither of the couples the show created even made it through the wedding itself.
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    Real World

    It may have started with good intentions in the early 90’s but this MTV show has turned into a monster of hard bodied men and slinky women who have two goals in life 1) getting drunk and 2) having sex. The show needs to listen to its own intro and try to “find out what happens when people stop being polite and start being real.”
  • 11.

    Temptation Island

    In what divorced, sick mind was this show created? Let’s take couples who are committed and ready to get married and then place them in a jungle with single people who are all looking for sex. Way to help get rid of that fad called monogamy.
  • 12.

    Surreal Life

    It is a tough life to be a washed up celebrity. Agents everywhere were brushing the cobwebs off of old semi-celebrity clients when this show was announced. Although there were a few glittering moments in each season, one should never admit being an avid watcher of this show. We can also hold Surreal Life at fault for many spin off reality shows on VH1.
  • 13.

    Big Brother

    Lame. Never entertaining. It has a horrible following and yet is on season 11! What is wrong with CBS?
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