Worst ideas ever

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    Rocky V

    Seriously, it blew.
  • 2.

    Cell phones

    If you've ever been stuck on the toilet, in a nasty gas station bathroom, because your boss had to talk to you about that important meeting that you're now late for, you know how annoying being reachable can be.
  • 3.

    Touch-screen phones

    They look cool, but they'll drive you nuts.
  • 4.

    Reality shows

    Who cares about a bunch of self-serving idiots trying to screw each other over? I can go to a family reunion and see that.
  • 5.

    Oxygen Network

    Televised PMS, mmmm that's what we need.
  • 6.

    Pet Clothing

    Your dog/cat came with a perfectly good coat of fur. IT IS NOT A PERSON.
  • 7.

    The Dr. Phil Show

    Who cares about Sarah Sue and her 'hang-ups'? If it wasn't for Oprah, that hillbilly would still be selling vinyl siding in ho-bunk Texas.
  • 8.

    Button Fly Pants

    Whoever came up with this idea obviously never got drunk.
  • 9.

    Cross-over Utility Vehicles

    These little SUV things are completely useless. Not only do they get stuck on wet grass, but they're for the most part, fragile as the Fabrege Egg. And they cost about the same too.
  • 10.

    Personal computers

    20 years ago, life was simpler. There were typewriters, and telephones to keep us in touch. To research something, you popped down to the library and read a book. Communication was more personal and you never had to re-boot anything. Black & white TV was cool too.
  • 11.

    hp HSTNN-LB11 Accu

  • 12.

    Paris Hilton

    Please God why would you want anything with her name on it?
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