Why Home School Is a Bad Idea

There are many things that are great in theory but are terrible when they are put into action. The people who started home schooling did so out of necessity. They did not have to worry about a modern marketplace or business world. With standards being so demanding, here are the main reasons why home school is a bad idea.

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    No Trained Teachers

    There are some qualified professionals who choose to home school their children. But in most cases, it is a mother or father who has nothing more than a high school education. In every other profession we leave it to the professionals, but why is it that everyone is a qualified teacher?
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    Multiple Modalities

    A trained teacher knows how to make a single lesson reach students who are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners. If the class does not understand a topic, they can revamp the lesson to meet the needs of the students. A home school teacher will not have this training or this understanding.
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    One of the biggest benefits of schooling is that children learn the do’s and don’ts of society and what teamwork is. They learn how to act around friends and how to act around adults. This socialization helps students to be successful in their future workplace.
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    From the Book

    A teacher in today’s classroom will not simply read from the book or do the next section simply because the text tells them to. A home school teacher will go page for page because that is what it seems like teaching is to them.
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    Teachers have a chain of command whose job it is to make sure that every student is being taught and that there is real work being done in the classroom. Who checks in on home school teachers on a daily basis? What keeps them on track? (Besides the teachers manual).
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    Boundaries of Parent

    In a home school education the parent must take on the role of the educator and the parent. An educator will get respect from a student because of their position. A parent is used to negotiations and letting the child get away with things now and then. It is hard to create a boundary after years of being just a parent.
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    Different Grades in One Room

    The classic schoolhouse approach disappeared for an important reason. The older kids get held back. They end up learning the same thing year after year without progressing. Parents that home school tend to have multiple children. Without training of how to differentiate for each child, how will these parents meet the needs of every child?
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    Decision Making Skills

    Home school children will simply support the same views as their parents. The environment does not allow for free thought. Children should be encouraged to think things out, find pros and cons for each side, and make a final decision.
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    Parent Collaboration

    Parents must collaborate just as teachers must collaborate. Hiding within your own house is never a good idea. The more that parents collaborate, the more their children will socialize with each other.
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    Teaches Fear

    Home school children have been taught to fear the public education system. They are scared that the moment they meet these other kids they will be forced into doing drugs and joining a gang. It passes the parent issues onto the children
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