Ways To Be Intimate On A Daily Basis

How to show your significant other you love them and want them on a daily basis.

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    Sexy Phonecalls

    Spice up the day with a sexy phone call telling your loved one what you would do to them if they were right there at that moment. Or call and tell them what you have on....nothing!
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    Joint Bubble Baths and Showers

    Water is hot. Massage one another and wash each other to get the sensual touches going and make you want your lover. Then get it on in the shower or bath tub!
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    Sensual Massages

    Sensual touching is always great. Cover their naked body in oil and let them relax, then get it on!
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    Under The Table Play

    Play footsies under the table and then take it a step further. Remove the underwear from under that dresses or do a toe massage on a package. Be careful, it may be difficult to leave the table!
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    Morning Surprises

    A lot of guys already wake up with a morning surprise so why not surprise your lover by allowing them to wake up with you on or in them. Start the day off right!
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    Good Ole Night Fun

    If nothing else just get it on at night and enjoy the joy of making love.
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    Love letters, notes and emails

    Send a titilating note to your loved one and them excited fro the end of the work day. They'll be ready the moment they get home.
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