Uses For Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey

Things to make with leftover turkey

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    Turkey Sandwiches

    The classic day after Thanksgiving lunch. Pair it with some leftover cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and you have yourself a feast.
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    Turkey Soup

    It's cold outside and soup is always a great choice. Use a family recipe or make a new one of your own.
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    Turkey Noodle Casserole

    Instead of tuna noodle casserole replace the tuna and put in some leftover turkey. Shred it up some and enjoy this homey recipe.
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    Turkey Pot Pie

    Another hot dish to warm a cold body in the fall and winter months. Add in some fresh veggies and you'll have the perfect dinner.
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    Turkey Meatballs

    Grind up the turkey and roll it into balls and serve over pasta. It's healthier than beef and nice alternative to regular old meatballs.
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    Turkey salad

    Go healthy and still get your protein. Add some shredded turkey to your favorite salad and you have the best lunch around.
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    Baked Potato with Turkey

    Stuffed baked potatoes are great. Now add all your favorite toppings including some shredded or pulled apart turkey. It goes wonderful and is just like mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.
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    Turkey Chop Suey

    Why not? Chop suey is so delicious everyone should try this one. Plus, it's really original.
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