TV Personalities for whom cannibalism is too good.

While a great many who grace the small screen are erudite, urbane, witty and generally agreeable there remains a small minority of folk whose moronic outpourings are enough to make you wish that television had never been invented...

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    Sean Hannity

    It is a wonder he does not present his FOX News show in a white hood and robes. This thinly veiled attack on the left, disguised as a current affairs debate programme, has about as much basis in fact as Peter Pan. Hannity recently said of Barack Obama “Not only, is he unfit to be a Senator, he is certainly unfit to be president.” Hannity I would argue, not only is unfit to be a TV presenter, but certainly unfit to be a human being.
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    Bill O'Reilly

    As the website "Sweet Jesus I hate Bill O'Reilly" puts it... "Bill O'Reilly... is an ego-driven, biased individual who spreads fear, hate and misunderstanding." And they are his good points. Bill and his fans are so in touch with current public opinion that 68% of them in an online poll in late October felt McCain would still win the election, and over 70% felt Fox's coverage of the election was either fair or pro-Obama! That isn't deluded, it is mentally unstable.
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    Keith Olbermann

    He never met a conservative he didn't want to disgrace.
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    Johnny Knoxville

    I just don't understand this guy or his program, or why MTV show it with a HUGE disclaimer saying "This is really f***ing stupid! Don't do it! But because you all watch and we get great advertising revenue, we are going to show it anyway!" I think he'd probably tape being eaten and show it next series.
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    Al Franken

    From Stuart Smalley to leftist author to wannabe, vote-stealing US Senator, this man needs to GO AWAY.
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    Paris Hilton

    Can we PLEASE stop giving this idiot the time a moment of spotlight?
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    Jerry Springer

    Jerry is an extremely likeable, intelligent and articulate man. Why he continues to put his name on a show that degrades a nation by being a public exhibition of bear baiting is beyond me. His moralistic outpourings at the end of each show are less of an attempt to rationalise the behaviour of his guests, more a limp gesture towards justifying his salary. Please Jerry, leave the show, and give America a program it needs.
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    Jeff Probst

    I'm just tired of him. Survivors ready? GO!
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    David Hasselhoff

    Anybody who brought us Pamela Anderson in a swimsuit should be revered right? Well actually, no. Not content with producing a T.V show so bad it made Mork and Mindy seem realistic, he compounds his errors by making music so appallingly bad, that he is allowed to be a judge on America's Got Talent. However he is far from finished... He told Newsweek “I’m trying to get on a sitcom or maybe even my own show, Travels With the Hoff." Oh Joy.
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    Graham Norton

    You watch his show once and it is extremely funny. You watch another and you feel it is a repeat. Graham is another extremely likeable, and talented actor and comedian. Why he persists in presenting these childish, innuendo laden excuse for an entertainment show are beyond me. Oh yeah... It's the money...
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    Anne Robinson

    You are the weakest link...Goodbye! Oh we realise it is all part of the show that Anne is not witty, but rude to the contestants and that her supercilious attitude is partly an act. But it is also partly true. And for that reason alone the smug winker gets a place on this list. It's easy knowing all the answers, when you have a researcher telling you them.
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    Piers Morgan

    A special award should be made for Piers for his services to annoyance both sides of the Atlantic. Not satisfied with making almost everyone in the UK want to see him disembowelled, he's then gone and conquered the U.S in the same way! It takes a certain kind of self-righteous pomposity to achieve that level of notoriety! Simon Cowell must be quite jealous.
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    Duane "Dog" Chapman

    Ooh, the bad boy turned good! While I have a sneaking admiration for the work these guys do, especially the ones who don't accentuate the fact that they are the love child of Brian Bosworth and Hulk Hogan or dress like Village people rejects, I find it slightly hypocritical to hear him preach morality, sense and justice to his captured bail jumper, only to then rant racial obscenities to his son in private.
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