Top Toys of All Time

These are the toys that we want to make sure each one of our children will have as they grow up. Some are sentimental while others are just the most popular. No matter what, when kids grow up, they will talk about how much they loved these toys.

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    Cabbage Patch Kid

    Playing mommy and taking care of a baby doll is somehow built into our culture. The Cabbage Patch Kid is the quintessential part of playing mommy.
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    Video Games

    They have captivated generations of children who have now grown up to create even better video games. New stories and graphics are created all the time. It is an amazing culture that has developed in the last thirty years.
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    Water guns

    A summer treat that puts a smile on anyone’s face. They have gotten huge, to the point that you can carry an entire backpack full of water with you, but the concept is the same. Fun in the sun.
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    Boys and girls of all ages are drawn to Legos. The encourage creativity and imagination. Who would have thought that simple blocks that fit together would be such a marketable and hot selling product.
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    Hot Wheels

    Leading the way! Cars and tracks that young boys of any age can have a fun time playing with.
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    A cardboard box

    Who cares about the doll or the toy that just came in the box. The real toy is the box. It becomes a fort, a tunnel, a castle, or anything else your heart desires. It is the simplest toy of all time and yet it uses the most creativity.
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    Tea Set

    A must have for every little girl. We may not drink tea as a society anymore, but you bet every little girl has their own set of cups and saucers.
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    The classic toy that has made young girls smile since the 1950’s. She has different outfits, accessories, and vehicles, but the imaginary play is still the same.
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    Every child knows the first time they got to take the training wheels off their bike. It is a sense of freedom that is enjoyed by children every day.
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    Hula Hoop

    So simple and yet so enticing. Who doesn’t have the urge to start swiveling around when they find one at the store or in the garage?
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