Top Teen Magazines

Teen magazines are very popular, these are the best of the best.

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    Girls' Life

    Aimed at the lower end of the teenage bracket this provides insight into the world through the eyes of a teenager. Family problems, friend advice, health and beauty and more grace the pages. What is best about this one is there is an informative and gentle tone to it which instills a moral center.
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    Teen Voices

    A great literary driven magazine written by teenagers. This one has a narrower perspective but is still a great place for teens to connect and figure out who they are as they find their own voice.
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    The bible of teen girls fashions and daily life. There is a little bit of everything in this one from gossip and Hollywood photos to relationship and health advice. The tone speaks directly to the teen lingo and continues to delight teen girls everywhere.
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    Teen People

    The smarter side of teenage literature. It's a great introduction to real world problems, stories and the times around them. This is a wonderful stepping stone into adult magazines and newspapers.
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    Cosmo Girl

    A fun and bubbly look at the life of the American teenage girl. The dialogue is educational and brushes the surface giving girls an idea of what it's like to become a woman. Games, quizzes and give-aways make it fun for younger teens.
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    Fun polls and interesting interviews with teeny-bopper stars make this one to pick up. Catch up on the latest fashions or read about celebrity break-ups and hook-ups. The best of young Hollywood.
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    Teen Ink

    A place for teens to write their own tales, poetry and critical essays. It offers a unique perspective and is refreshing, a magazine where teens can read work written by people just like them. It connects teenagers across the world and lets tehm know they're not alone.
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    Teen Vogue

    A fashionista's dream come true. Talk about glamour, this magazine has it all. The runway trends and designer duds along with younger and more casual clothing. Wonderful photos and interviews with designers.
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    Lots of forums, commentary, politics, relationship tips, family advice and more. The content is varied and touches on both male and female points of view to provide something for everyone. The user generated additions are interesting and fun for teens.
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    Certified teenage rag mags and you have to love them for what they are. Celebrities and gossip galore. This is the training grounds for any celebrity obsessed teen girl.
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