Top Reasons I Can Never Be Vegan or Vegetarian

I have a number of friends who are vegan or vegetarian. With a couple exceptions, none of them get preachy about those who do, I just have the following reasons:

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    Which day did God create bacon on again? Cause surely that should be the day of rest (and gorging.) I think my Grandfather framed it best last year as we were finishing up Christmas breakfast, having finished off 2 pounds of bacon for just 7 people: "I wonder how much bacon you'd have to cook to have leftovers?"
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    Canine teeth

    We were made to eat other animals. It is how our ancestors survived.
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    Veganism is too similar to religion

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    Sushi is another meat that I just can't give up. I hated the thought of it, growing up in a landlocked state. Packing up and moving to Japan for a couple years though sure did change my perspective.
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    Because it is really easy to just swing by a park, grab one, and have it on the barbecue in like ten minutes. Also really good with a nice red wine or a dark ale. Mmmmmm, yummy.
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    Chicken vegtable is better than just plain vegetable; ham and potato is better than just plain potato; chili con carne is better get the idea!
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