Top Qualities Every Teacher Should Have

At the beginning of every school years students are placed into classes. As a parent, you need to meet the teacher and make sure that they have a majority of these qualities. A parent can always request for their child to be in a certain class and the school must comply. What should parents look for in a teacher?

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    Standards Based Instruction

    In today’s era of formal assessments and accountability, a teacher who is still fighting the state standards is setting his/her students up for failure. Make sure that your child’s teacher has standards based instruction.
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    Backwards Planning

    The teacher should start with a standard and an assessment and then build backwards to create the lesson. This way the lessons will all make sense and the students and the teacher will know what the end goal is.
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    High Expectations

    Students will meet your expectations no matter where you set them. If you set low expectations, the students will work to meet them.
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    Writing. Inquiry. Collaboration. Reading. Each and every day your child should do each of these. Ask the teacher to explain how they include WICR in their instruction.
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    Is your child’s classroom and island unto itself? Every teacher gets better by collaborating with his/her peers. A teacher needs to step outside of the classroom to discuss, plan, and reflect on how they are doing.
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    An excellent teacher should be able to change their plans in an instant. A teacher needs to be prepared for the school day and yet at the drop of a hat he/she should be able to change the plans in order to fit the needs of the students and the school.
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    Staying after school to help a student, demanding students stay for tutoring, taking time away from personal business to make sure each student is getting the time and consideration that they need. A committed teacher is ready to help whether or not there is a paycheck attached to it.
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    Professional Development

    A teacher gets better by constantly refining their work and seeing what the latest data says. A teacher should participate in or lead professional developments that are relevant to their craft and their classroom. Without it a teacher can become stale and outdated.
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    Find where the students are academically and then teach one step above it. This means don’t just do the same lesson because it is fun. It means adjusting every lesson to challenge the students in the classroom.
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    How often do you speak with the teacher? Do you have to call or does the teacher? The teacher should be contacting parents once a month whether it is via notes, phone calls, or a monthly newsletter. Parents should be an active member of the classroom.
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