Top Christmas Traditions

These are the best traditions that people take part in during Christmas time.

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    Reading "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

    You never get too old to read this one on the night before Christmas. It's fun to gather everyone around and choose a storyteller to bring the tale to life.
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    Singing Christmas Carols

    Christmas carols instantly get everyone in the mood for the holiday season and make them happy. They're popular and something people of any age or ability can do together.
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    Stringing Popcorn

    Forgo the fancy decorations and make your own garland, out of popcorn. Stringing popcorn is a tradition families can sit in the floor and do together.
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    Kissing Under The Mistletoe

    Stand under some mistletoe and you're bound to get kissed or so the tradition says. It may be corny but it's fun and fun to see who gets an unexpected peck.
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    Dinner With Loved Ones

    Christmas dinner is a great tradition, it is a time to share good food with wonderful company. Eat, drink and be merry.
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    Cookies and Milk for Santa

    Leaving the cookies and milk out for Santa is a great tradition. Kids love it and look forward to it each year. Especially when they wake up and see that they cookies and milk were eaten.
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    Decorating the Christmas Tree

    Most people take part in this tradition. It's a time to revisit past Christmas seasons with the old ornaments and memories. Plus it's something you can look at everyday to remember the happiness it brought you in decorating.
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    Go to see The Nutcracker

    Enjoy the classic ballet and enjoy a Christmas story told through the beauty of dance. It's educational, enlightening and fun.
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    Putting Up Christmas Lights

    Decorating the house is one of the best traditions there are. Choosing colors, creating designs, looking at your neighbors' light displays, all part of the fun!
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    Sending and Receiving Christmas Cards

    It's a time to reconnect with friends and family you may not talk to often or see frequently. Plus you get to see how much everyone's grown in their photos and think back on old memories.
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    Christmas Quilting

    Make a tradition and add to a quilt each year with your family.
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    Watching Christmas Movies

    There are some great films that are holiday oriented. Watch all these with friends and family and enjoy a laugh or be reminded of what is really important during the holiday season.
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