Top Apple Product Flops

Apple seems to be heralded as the designer of designers, yet they really have had some product flops.

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    Apple decided it would be great to build an internet suite that did everything. It did do everything, but it was a slow resource hog.
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    Apple decided it would be a great idea to build an over-priced CD-based multimedia player to compete with the game consoles. Unfortunately, this was during the SONY dominated Playstation 1 era. FAIL.
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    Apples joint venture with IBM to replace the MacOS operating system in the early nineties. Three years and millions later, Apple still didn't have a usable operating system. Epic FAIL.
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    Apple Lisa

    Steve's first real baby was so overpriced it failed spectacularly. $9995 in 1983 dollars.
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    Apple's partnered with AOL in the mid nineties when intranets were easily confused with the internet. The were like, "Hey lets make an AOL that doesn't suck." It had forums, FTP w/ drag and drop and a whole lot of other crap that was essentially slow and useless. It sucked too, in other words.
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    Macintosh TV

    Introduced in the early 90s, Apple decided people really really wanted to watch TV on their Mac at the same time. One problem - you couldn't watch TV in a window. It had to be full screen. FAIL.
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    Macintosh Portable

    Introduced in 1989 at $6499. Nuff said.
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    Apple Newton

    Perhaps a bit ahead of its time. Apple let it die a slow and horrible death rather than refining it.
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    MacOS (before X)

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    Motorola ROKR

    Just because you assumed it would be as good as an iPod because Apple was involved, it did not make it such. The thing was an underpowered piece of junk much like everything on this list.
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    20th Anniversary Macintosh

    $7499 price tag for mediocre equipment and an arguably nice box.
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