Things You Were Able to Do Before Kids

We love our children and wouldn’t trade them in for anything. But, there are some things that a parent can no longer do easily. This list is a look back at all the things you were very easily able to do before being a parent.

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    Leave the house in 2 minutes

    Get the phone call and you were off to a friend’s house in an instant. Now you are looking for the diaper bag, a change of clothes, wipes, and snacks before you can leave the house. Did I mention trying to find shoes?
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    Watch a whole movie

    You feel bad going to the evening showing and you know that all eyes are on you as you bring the baby into the theater. You watch most of the movie from the hallway or end up standing out in the lobby.
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    Maintain a clean living room

    As soon as it gets cleaned up, the whirlwind of children come through the room. Just before the depression kicks in, remember, this is what you signed up for.
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    Go to the bathroom alone

    As soon as you close the door the echoing pounding begins. This is quickly followed by the shouting of “Mommy open the door!” The quiet of the bathroom is never the same again.
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    Read a book

    Books? What are those? Any reading that is done is at work. The typical job does not allow for free reading time. Oh well start buying those favorite books and save them for a few years down the road.
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    Have free time

    F-R-E-E T-I-M-E. That is a work that is not in the parent dictionary. Any down time is typically used to clean up or set up for the next day. Free time is a luxury that non-parents have.
  • 7.

    Sit or stand still

    The sign of a parent is the fact that they sway as they stand or they are constantly looking over their shoulder. Silence is not a sign that things are going well, it is just a sign that the kid has gotten into something and they know they shouldn’t be.
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    Carry a phone conversation

    “How are you? . . . . Stop that. No not you sorry. What’s up? Yes I’ll get you some juice. Sorry again what were you saying?” Enough said.
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    “Run out” to the store

    Out of milk? Oh well. Can’t just run out to the store, there is far too much involved with car seats, packing and unpacking, and not to mention semantics of using the shopping cart. It becomes a planned and prepared attack where all errands are carefully laid out and lined up one after the other.
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    Do simple home repairs

    A parent becomes afraid to even hammer a nail to hang a picture for two reasons. The first is the fear that it will wake the child during a nap or the fear that they will try to do whatever they see you doing.
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    Have a lay in.

    Children are always ready for breakfast earlier at the weekends than on school days.
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