The Worst Science Fiction Movies

The science fiction genre has provided some of the most memorable works of the twentieth and twenty-first century. However for each Star Wars or Blade Runner there has been a collection of films so terrible, so unutterably inane that people have questioned the sanity of those that commissioned it in the first place. Here is just a selection of examples of the genre which range from the bafflingly dull, to the quite simply awful!

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    I remember going to see this as a child with my father and brother. We were all huge “Star Wars” fans at the time and of course, we knew all about Star Trek. To say the film was disappointing is an understatement. Nobody knew what was going on, the biggest action sequence and a handy metaphor for the film, was Kirk producing his captains log. I have only fell asleep once in the cinema while watching a film and this horrible adaptation holds that somewhat dubious accolade.
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    It is scarcely believable that the man who brought us Indiana Jones and Star Wars could attach his name to this piece of celluloid tripe. Thankfully shortly after it’s release George Lucas pretty much disowned the film proving that his judgement had not gone haywire after all. Fans of the comic book hated it, sci fi lovers hated it. Indeed only the most ardent fan of oversized superhero ducks could find any interesting it, and last I heard, they were pretty thin on the ground.
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    In this expensive Roland Emmerich offering, the special effects and cast were superb but all the technical wizardry and a decent actors can’t help a plot that is so derivative of H.G Wells “War of the Worlds” that it bordered on plagiarism. Add to that a script that contained some of the most awful, buttock clenchingly, dismal moments in modern cinema. For example when President Bill Pullman announces that “I know what they’re thinking!” I started to cheer for the aliens.
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    Another 1950’s classic B movie which is famous for having the most laughably bad movie villain of all time, which was a man dressed in a gorilla suit, with what looks like a diving helmet on his head. You were supposed to recoil in terror from this ghastly apparition, sadly most audiences either fell about laughing, or simply fell asleep. Either is preferable to actually watching the film.
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    Science Fiction and Scientology are not comfortable bedfellows, despite what the name suggests and this rather sycophantic attempt at brainwashing by Scientologist mastermind L.Ron Hubbard is not only dismal as a film, but also questionable morally too. The only enjoyable moment is witnessing John Travolta with an elongated head and dreadlocks, struggling manfully to keep the pace of this dismal offering from sliding still further into the mire. Thankfully, he fails.
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    Not the original Buster Keaton serialisations but the Dino Di Laurentiis camp extravaganza produced in the early 80’s. There are some wonderful performances, but Flash and Dale were so unutterably bad that you cared more about your coffee table and the tables acting was less wooden. A wonderfully extravagant film but let down by the fact you wish the two heroes would have perished the moment they strapped themselves into Zarkov’s rocket.
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    Alien and Aliens were quite simply classic of their time. Alien 3 seemed to be a cobbled together, half baked idea that even Winona Ryder couldn’t make interesting. Given that you would have thought a fourth film would be out of the question. Sadly not. What followed is a most self-indulgent piece of genetically modified nonsense, whilst Ripley’s “baby” at the end took the film from the mildly annoying, into the realms of ludicrously embarrassing.
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    The sorriest excuse you could find to spend two hours watching Halle Berry prance around in leather and heels. You are better advised spending your money on specialist magazines or websites. No really. It bears no resemblance to the Batman franchise that spawned it, nor the comic book hero that is popular with many. The film is far from purr-fect and a dose of hairballs is more enjoyable.
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    This is my favourite “bad” science fiction film of all time. It is so bad, so mind-numbingly dreadful in every sense of the word, that it is actually quite, quite brilliant. Directed by the legendary Ed Wood, a film whose basic premise is a mix of aliens and zombies never stood a good chance. To actually make a film as bad as this, whilst genuinely trying to produce a genuine science fiction film, and scare the audience, is the mark of either genius or insanity. I just cannot decide which.
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    This film is proof that Spielberg can get it wrong. When the untimely death of Stanley Kubrick saw him leave this project unfinished, it was handed to Mr Spielberg to produce the final film and you can clearly see the join. The film is highly enjoyable and thought provoking in the main and reaches a rather touching and beatific climax. Until the legend “Six Million Years Later” flashes across the screen and you know you are entering the saccharine fantasy world of Spielberg.
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    mars attacks

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    They're awesome
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    After Earth

    How can Will Smith have zero chemistry with his own son?
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    Saturn 3

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