The Best Light Beers

Always wanted to know which light beers actually taste good?

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    Bud Ice Light

    Want to get a good buzz? Then grab a Bud Ice Light. It offers all the kick of an ice-brewed beer, and it's not as filling. However, the hangover can be brutal. Alc/vol 4.1
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    Sam Adams Light

    This is another beer with good taste and snob appeal. The opposite sex will smother you with attention and you'll definetley leave the bar with more than just a buzz. Alc/vol 4.0
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    Michelob Light

    This beer has great taste and snob appeal. Order one at the bar and watch the opposite sex flock to you. It says "I have refined taste" which translates into "Look Amy! That guy's got money!". Michelob Light is a beer that can get you drunk, and laid. Alc/vol 4.3
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    Coors Light

    The 'silver bullet' has a crisp, clean taste. It's flavor is refreshingly sharp, but not overwhelming. You can easily drink a twelve pack, get a nice buzz, but you won't be fall-down drunk. Alc/vol 4.2
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    Milwaukee's Best Light

    This is a cheap beer. It actually costs about the same as a twelve pack of soda, and it Will get you drunk. The taste isn't revolting, but the first one is an eye-opener. Perhaps that's why it's known as the "Beast"? Anyway, just down three or four and you really won't care what it tastes like. Alc/vol 4.5
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    Southpaw Light

    This is a light beer that kicks like a regular beer. It has a slightly strong taste, but after 3-4, you won't care about the taste. Word of warning, don't drink it at a bar. It's cheap and Not exactly a chick magnet...unless of course you're left-handed. Alc/vol 5.0
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    Rolling Rock

    Old number '33' isn't actually a light beer, but its pallet is light and smooth. You can enjoy it like a light beer, and its slightly sweet flavor is unique and enjoyable. Alc/vol 4.5
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    Bud Light

    You know those Clydesdale horses that pull the Budweiser wagon? Well, their urine is where this beer comes from. Plus, girls who don't even like beer will drink it. Jokes aside, its an extremely popular beer, for the taste impaired. Alc/vol 4.2
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    You decide

    Quite frankly, after sampling all these light beers, I'm too drunk to remember what number *hiccup* 10 was. So post your suggestions, and help me find the john... Blood/alc 9.0
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    Miller Light

    This is a traditional light American beer. It has a full bodied taste, and provides a nice clean buzz. It's not exactly a chick magnet, but it'll do in a pinch. Alc/vol 4.2
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    Boreale Dorée

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