Reasons I am drunk on a Wednesday night

When life throws you a curveball, you usually whiff. FAIL.

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    The economy

    The inevitable layoff is one the way. That was my excuse. Well, I'm not really affected by the economy yet but the thought of impending doom for others drove me to the bottle.
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    I live within walking distance to no less than 50 bars.

    Granted, I have no problem walking a mile for beer.
  • 3.

    I can't just have one

    The intention was just ONE since it's Wednesday, but that went out the door half-way through the first.
  • 4.

    Obama is president elect

    It's a reason to drink if you love him. It's a reason to drink if you hate him.
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    I'm prepping for the company holiday party

    It's tomorrow night. Maybe I should have started practicing earlier.
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