Newspapers and Magazines Worth Reading

What is high quality writing to you? Most publications out there are crap these days.

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    The Economist

    The Economist is the most well-written magazine there is with regards to politics and economy. Though I often disagree with their editorial staff, I find myself having to acknowledge their well-written points.
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    The Christian Science Monitor

    The CS Monitor is one of the last true independent newspapers. The writing tends to be more analytical rather than focused on breaking news. I'm a huge fan.

    If you're not a Christian Scientist, don't let the title turn you off! The newspaper has very little to do with it - the founder was a Christian Scientist.

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    Mother Jones

    Mother Jones is a nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting. Because "smart, fearless journalism" keeps people informed—"informed" being pretty much indispensable to a democracy that actually works. Because this is journalism not funded by or beholden to corporations.
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    The Nation

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    International Socialist Review

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    In These Times

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    New Politics

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    The Guardian

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