Most Lovable Game Villians that You Didn't Want to Kill

Most video games are pretty black and white. You have to vanquish the villain and then may rejoice.

Occasionally though, designers throw in a foe or two whom you might lose a bit of sleep over killing.

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    The Colossi

    ..from Shadow of the Colossus. I had a sinking feeling every time I brought one down. It was a feeling of destroying something grand and beautiful.
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    ..from Dragon Warrior. These low-level nobodies don't even have arms OR legs. Hell, they're even smiling! How can you hate something that rolls for 1d2 damage??
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    Donkey Kong

    He was SO lovable that he was made into a hero of the Donkey Kong Country series!
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    ..from Super Mario Brothers. The stupid little things have no arms and aside from looking angry, aren't very dangerous. I pity their stupid existence more than anything.
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    ..from Pac-Man. These idiots chase you all around only to be gobbled up as soon as you grab a power pill.
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    Tiny Toad

    ..from Final Fantasy 4. I mean, c'mon - it's tiny. It's a toad.
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    Big Daddies

    ..from BioShock. Big, ugly...dumb. They're just being good servants in the end.
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    ..from Final Fantasy 6. The dude was just insane. He wasn't really a BAD guy.
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