Most Interesting Cat Breeds

The strangest and most interesting cat breeds.

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    Scottish Fold

    This breed has odd little folded over squished ears, just begging to be unfolded and straightened out.
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    American Wirehair

    This cat looks like it is permanently scared, as it's hair sticks up continuously.
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    Cornish Rex

    The Cornish Rex is a styley cat. It has a short plushy fur coat, which contains cute ripples and curls along its back.
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    Siberian Forest Cat

    The Siberian Forest Cat is a large strong breed, with large ears and widely set features. Very pretty, but also quite a big cat.
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    One of biggest house breeds, the Mainecoon looks and act a little like a wild cat.
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    The well known Siamese breed is a glossy little cat, and is very friendly and conversational in nature.
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    Turkish Van Cat

    These make lovable and affectionateand pets, and have a great cat party trick - unlike most cats, Turkish Van Cat's love water, and love to swim!
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    The Manx's tail is even smaller than a Bobtail's. In fact, the Manx has no tail whatsoever.
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    American Curl

    A odd looking cat, 90% of this animal looks fairly typical. The main difference is in the pointy little inside out ears.
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    The Sphynx is a regular baldy. Completely hairless, the poor old Sphynx goes unprotected from the extremes of temperatures or sun.
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    The Abysssian is a relatively normal looking cat, but it is suggested that it is a direct successor of the Pharaohnic cats of ancient Egpyt.
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    This cat has teeny weeny short little legs and can't jump very high, but it is very very cute.
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    Bobtail's look very much like a standard moggy, with one exception. The Bobtail's tail is very short, hence the name.
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