Most Delicious Smoothies and Shakes

The best smoothies and shakes from restaurants and fast food joints.

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    Orange Julius Original

    It's the perfect blend of sweetness and fruit. You feel good while you drink it and know that you're consuming something healthy. Original Orange is the best.
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    Jack in the Box Strawberry Banana

    It is so thick and creamy you think you're in heaven. Sweet but not too sweet and so satisfying. It's like an entire meal or the perfect dessert.
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    Hadley's Banana Date Shake

    Not many people eat dates now but they have a ton of nutritional value and are great in shakes. With the added banana you have an improved version of the basic vanilla without being too overpowering.
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    Ruby's Vanilla Milkshake

    If you love milkshakes this is one you have to try. Pair it with a good old fashioned hamburger and you are all American. Simple, sweet, yummy.
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    Bob's Big Boy Chocolate Shake

    Chocolate lovers unite. This is the perfect consistancy and is chocolate without being too overpowering or sweet.
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    Shaw's Pineapple Shake

    Like pineapple juice and all the benefits only creamier and more like a treat then a drink. Loads of vitamins and nutrientants plus a refreshing flavor.
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    Costco's Triple Berry Smoothie

    A little seedy but the berries are so good, especially if you're a berry lover. Less smoothie-like than most and more fruity.
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    Starbucks Strawberries and Cream

    You can go to Starbucks and get something even if you don't like coffee or lattes. Be sure to get it topped off with whipped cream for a delicious treat!
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    Anything at Juice It Up

    Like juice? Good because everything at Juice It Up is perfect. They're healthy, a fun way to get your nutrients and there are tons of options.
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