Mid-life crisis cars

You've worked hard all your life, and now it's time for You.
You've paid the college tuition, you've still got a little money left and your wife's old minivan just isn't cutting it anymore, so what should you get?

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    Dodge Viper

    The Viper's rock-hard clutch is the perfect therapy for a middle aged guy with newly arthritic knees. But hey, at least the chicks will be checking you out as you limp into the store for some Icy-Hot.
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    Hummer H2

    Great for guys who are 30lbs over-weight and have a small pee-pee.
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    Hummer H1

    Great for guys who are 50+lbs over-weight and can't find their pee-pee
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    Porsche 911 Conv

    Screw a hair piece. Give your dome, and your ego a well deserved tan.
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    The kids are finally out of college! Even though you had planned on buying a Porsche, little Sarah had to change majors...twice. So now you're down to a used Vette and a new riding mower.
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    Nothing screams "I'm a man!" like the deafening 'potato-potato' exhaust note of a hog. At least your health plan covers hearing aids
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    BMW M5

    You've been a banker/lawyer/doctor your whole life. Why not reward all that hard work with a car that says "I've arrived"? Hopefully you have grandkids though, because you'll need the nerdy one to help you figure out the i-Drive system.
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    Lincoln Navigator

    This is the perfect vehicle for the guy who thinks chest hair and gold chains are still in style. Just remember to button your shirt up when you take the grandkids to the park.
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    Ford Mustang Convertible

    It doesn't matter if you're 100lbs over-weight, totally bald and have a 2-inch pee-pee, the Ford Mustang Convertible can make anybody look cool.
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