Cars for the guy who's still in the closet

If you're gay, then more power to you. If you're not gay, maybe your car is a way for you to express all those repressed feelings?

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    VW Cabrio

    If you're name is Brittany, that's fine, but if your name is Brian...
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    Kia Sorrento

    If you're still struggling with your identity, then pop down to your Kia dealer and pick up a Sorrento. It looks rugged, but still has loads and loads of style. Those in the "know" will know you're available when they see you pulling up in this bad boy.
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    Saturn SC

    This stylish little coupe even has a back door.
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    Any Saab Convertible

    This stylish number is perfect for the gay urban-ite. It offers a bullet-proof drivetrain and top down motoring bliss. Plus, there's even a giant plastic bag in the trunk to put your flat tire in. Totally cool.
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    Mazda Miata

    Mazda's little boy-magnet hasn't changed a lot over the years. It's still small, cute and with the top down, it screams "I'm available".
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    Hummer H2

    This huge hunk of masculinity is the perfect cover for the closeted gay man. It's so brutish that none of you're straight friends will ever notice that you've never taken it off-road. Plus it's got loads of room in the back for antiquing.
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    Audi TT

    This is a perfect car if you're still "in the closet".
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    Ford Focus

    The Focus is trendy and so 'now', making it a perfect fashion accessory for the hip gay man.
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    VW New Beetle

    It comes in yellow and has a flower vase on the dash. If you're name is Brittany, that's fine, but if your name is Brian...
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    Honda Element

    It's rugged and versatile, sort of like those pink go-go boots in your closet.
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