Best Wiki Managenent Systems

The best software engines for creating a wiki website.

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    This is Microsoft .NET based wiki, which uses SQL server as its backend. It is open source however, and is a good choice if you are looking for a Microsoft solution.
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    Docuwiki has special features for writing documentation. It also stores its data in plain text files which aids portability of the data.
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    This is a wiki module for the DotNetNuke open source CMS environment.
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    More than just a wiki, Tikiwiki does it all. From blogs, forums, maps, and RSS feeds, Tikiwiki really is a complete CMS.
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    As the system that runs the Wikipedia juggernaught, Mediawiki is the tried and true wiki solution. Being designed to primarily run Wikipedia is also its greatest weakness however, as making it look and behave radically different to Wikipedia can be a challenge.
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    Now part of Apache's Software Incubator, JSPWiki is a popular Java based wiki solution
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    Originally a fork of Mediawiki, DekiWiki has become one of the best wiki solutions around. With its built in scripting language, and better user interface, Dekiwiki corrects many of the flaws with Mediawiki,especially when it comes to generating dynamic content.
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    A wiki solution for corporates, Confluence isn't free, but there are zero cost licences for non-profits.
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    TiddylyWiki has both a client and server mode, and if you run it in client only, you can maintain your own personall little wiki.
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    Moinmoin is the wiki of choice for documenting a number of famous software projects, like Apache, Debian, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu.
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    Luminotes is a simple personal notebook wiki, with an easy to use WYSIWYG interface.
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    In 1999, PhpWiki was the first wiki coded in PHP to be released. It is still actively maintained and developed.
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    A PERL based wiki, Twiki is capable of providing a project development or document management space, as well as standard wiki features.
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    One of the more popular wiki engines on the web, Pmwiki is designed to be very easy to setup and use.
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