Best Things About Cruise Vacations

Why cruises are the best vacation ever

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    Easy Accomodations

    There are no worries about booking rooms and changing hotels from one city to another. Also the thought of transportation is completely erased. Your only worry is making it back to the boat before it departs from the port.
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    Lots of Activities

    There really is something for everyone. From ping pong to bingo and dance lessons. The options are endless and there are usually several activities at once so you can fill up your day as you desire.
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    Meet New People

    Since you're all in the same environment all day and night you get to meet some new people whereas you might not ever see the same couple or family on another vacation. Plus your tablemates at dinner can become friends even if just onboard.
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    Formal Nights

    You get to dress up at least one night and engage in a formal dinner night. Plus all the photo set-ups are extremely formal. It's nice to have a night out on the town and get all dolled up.
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    No Need To Carry Around Money

    Just swipe your sail and sign card for any purchases on board such as alcohol or gifts and photos. There's really no need for a purse or wallet, no spare change clinking around and no stolen credit cards.
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    Leave the Kids Alone

    Drop the kids off at the kids club and do your own thing. Unlike traditional vacations you can't just leave the kids somewhere and come back for them later. Cruise ships have entire kids programs to keep them entertained and let them make new friends.
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    Fine Dining

    The food is extraordinary. It's like getting to eat in a four star top of the line restaurant for every meal. If you don't want the fine dining there are also other options like cafes, buffets and room service. Try some new foods without worry because everything is already paid for.
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    All The Food You Can Eat

    There is no limit on the amount of food you can eat. Try one of everything on the menu or order five entrees every dinner, it all costs the same - already included in your cruise fare. And this isn't bad food, it is some of the best dishes available anywhere.
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    Great Entertainment

    The nightly shows and comedy acts make you feel like you're in Vegas, on Broadway or taking in a great night downtown. Some are family friend and others are adult only entertainment so you can make sure you get the show you're hoping for.
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    Exciting Excursions

    There are chances to get off the ship and engage in tours, crazy activities and fun adventures. Go backpacking, kayaking, off-roading or shopping. There are lots of great trips scheduled for each port, just decide what sounds best and register, it's all so easy.
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