Best sex moves

This is the best list of sex moves... ever

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    anything BUT two girls one cup

    YouTube can be evil. I haven't watched this, but I've seen enough reactions to it that I know it's not a good idea.
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    get clean, then dirty.

    Nothing better than good higiene to get the mojo going. Guys and girls don't want to get down with someone with B.O...why do you think there's shower sex? As Jamie Fox says, "I don't mind going downtown, as long as the streets are clean..."
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    screaming like you have turrets (for a good laugh)

    Have you seen The Heartbreak Kid? Bad movie, but interesting sex moves. I think it's a pivotal moment when the hot blond chick screams "cock me!!!" - good move if you just want to crack up during sex. Being comfortable around each other is important, and it can start with being able to laugh about how awkward sex can be.
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    naked buffet

    Food is good, and so is naked time, so why not combine the two? Whether it's a suprise visit in the kitchen to thank your partner for cooking...or simply pouring yummy treats all over their body - you're in a win-win situation. snack time AND booty time. Just don't burn yourself or get unruly condiments in sticky places where you could get an infection.
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    let there be light...or not.

    Visual stimulants require good lighting. That's why office sex is not a good idea with all those fluorescents. Even though it could sound exciting, it won't be when your cooworkers post your video on facebook. Get a dimmer or candles to set the mood. Or turn off the lights if you don't find your mate attractive. And if that's the case, you should probably start having relations with someone you are attracted to (just a thought).
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    animal lover

    I'm not referring to beastiality...just talking about the style o' dogs. Who doesn't like dogs!?
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