Best Plug-Ins for Wordpress

The most useful must-have plugins for Wordpress

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    Having SPAM littering up your blog comments is very bad look indeed, and this baby helps keeps your comments spam free.
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    Wordpress Stats

    Does a blog without visitors make a sound? Use the Wordpress Stats plugin to track how many visitors you are getting.
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    A plugin which should be compulsory, it speeds up your install of Wordpress. And we all have a need for speed.
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    Wordpress Database Backup

    Great insurance plugin which allows you to schedule and manage Wordpress backups.
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    Google XML Sitemaps

    Improve your visibility in Google by creating a XML compliant site map of your blog.
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    Random Featured Post

    Pretty much what it says on the tin - with this plugin you can generate a random post to feature.
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    Post Templates

    Save time on creating recurring posts by creating templates for your content.
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    Social Bookmark Creator

    One of the best Social Bookmark plugins, this plugin can display both text or image links, and has excellent layout options.
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    Twitter Tools

    For those that want to tweet and blog all at the same time.
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    Cforms is a powerful form generator for Wordpress. Primarily designed to create a contact form, it has many options and can be used in a number of different ways.
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    All in One Video Pack

    This plugin allows you easily add video clips from all the main video sharing sites.
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    An easy to use plugin that allows you to add Google Maps to your blog. This has great features, including KML support.
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    Event Calendar 3

    If you want to display real world events on your blogs, this nifty calendar will do it for you. Very easy to use.
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    WP Post Ratings

    Use this plugin to allow surfers to rate your posts. Find out which are the favorites.
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    Wordpress Thread Comment

    The default Wordpress comments is pretty simple, and this plugin allows comments to be threaded, which makes conversations much easier to follow.
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    Lets you create a 'sticky post' for your blog. A 'sticky post' always appear at the top.
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