Best Places to Visit in the United Kingdom

The best places to visit in England, Scotland, and Wales.

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    Tower of London

    A World Heritage Site, and home to the crown jewels, the Tower of London is one of London's busiest (and best) tourist attractions.
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    British Museum

    The most visited tourist attraction in London, the British Museum is one of the oldest in the world. It is a treasure trove of antiquities from around the world, including the Rosetta Stone, Egyptian mummies, and the Elgin marbles.
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    For over 2000 years the hot springs of Bath have lured tourists. These days the baths are still a draw card, but beautiful architecture and Roman history also make Bath a great place to visit.
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    Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

    Big Ben is perhaps London's most famous landmark, but the House of parliament is also an extraordinarily pretty building.
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    Millennium Stadium, Cardiff

    Visit this large covered stadium when the Welsh rugby fans are singing at the top of their lungs, and your hair will stand on end.
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    Edinburgh Castle

    Edinburgh Castle can feel something of a tourist trap, but it has undeniably fascination history.
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    Sandwiched between two busy highways, the 5000 year old Stonehenge is not as atmospheric as it could be, but it is still a fascinating example of England's history.
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    The peaceful university town of Oxford makes a great day escape from London, and you can simply feel the knowledge oozing out of the 'dreaming spires'.
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    Buckingham Palace

    Whether you watch the changing of the guard, or maybe catch a glimpse of the queen herself, Buckingham Palace is a must see.
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    Like Oxford, Cambridge is a beautiful university town. Cambridge is smaller that Oxford however, and has more of a rural feel to it.
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    St Ives

    The UK is famous for its tacky seaside resorts, but tacky St Ives is not. It is a beautiful little coastal town, and even has a branch of London's Tate Art Gallery.
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    Lake District National Park

    With its small mountains towering over brooding lakes, the Lakes District is paradise for hill walkers, or anyone who enjoys great scenery.
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    For all it's tawdry tackiness, Blackpool is important part of Britain's cultural history, and is worth a visit for those interested in seeing beyond the tourist brochures.
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    Hadrian’s Wall

    View what remains of the 73 mile Hadrian's Wall, which once kept the north of the Britain from the south. There are also fascinating Roman forts to be seen here.
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    London’s West End

    From the shopping of Oxford St, Chinatown, and Covent Garden, to the nightlife of Soho or a West End show, or the history in British Transport Museum, London's West End has something for everyone.
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    Scottish Highlands

    The Scottish Highlands offer majestic scenery, wonderful walking opportunities, and a few million midges.
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    Stratford-Upon-Avon is a pretty little river side town with one major claim to fame: it is the birthplace of Shakespeare.
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    Exmoor and Dartmoor National Parks

    Both Exmoor and Dartmoor are home to some of the UK's best scenery. As high plateau country, the parks can be both bleak and beautiful.
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    Madame Tussaud’s

    You'll have to arrive early to avoid the queues, but Madame Tussaud's is popular for good reason. The realism of the wax figurines is amazing, and it seems we all want to rub shoulders with the stars, even if they are made of wax.
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    Westminster Abbey

    Not only is Westminster Abbey the funeral of Princess Diana was held, it is also where many British monarchs are buried.
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