Best Moments in Your Child’s First Two Years

There are things that you look forward to in your child’s development and then there are things that happen that become your favorite moments. Either way here are the top moments that parents get to experience with their young children.

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    First time they curse in front of family

    The beauty that is your precious child has a slip of the tongue. It is not so bad that the child uses the word but the best moment is watching your spouse try to explain that they must have picked it up somewhere other than at home.
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    “I Love You”

    Enough said. You try to force those three words from their lips from the moment they are born. When it is finally audible, it is cause of celebration.
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    A first step can make you cry. They are no longer the helpless baby they once were. They are now walking and getting into everything that they can reach.
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    First phone message

    Up until this point whenever you speak with your child on the phone there is a silence to your constant banter. The first time you check the answering machine and there are understandable words, it makes you feel proud to be the parent.
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    First time they sleep through the night

    SLEEP! This night is a celebrated moment that makes it into the baby book and a permanent fixture in your memory.
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    Chocolate smiles, chocolate kisses, chocolate hands and faces. All of these make for great pictures, hyper children, and fun memories.
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    Potty training

    Saving money on diapers is an amazing feeling. The process is one of the hardest things you will ever teach another human being to do. But, the outcome is totally worth it.
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    Not being judged for Trick or Treating

    Every teenager mourns the loss of their trick or treating days. As an adult we now get to “take the kids” out and maybe get a snack or two ourselves. Halloween is for adults, that is why you see 6 month olds trick or treating.
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    No more having to carry around the baby car seat! Your little friend can now sit in a high chair and a shopping cart. A simple step that makes a huge difference.
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    The day your baby snuggles back is beautiful. You even allow them to sleep in your bed just to get a few extra snuggles. It is nice to get them sleeping in their own bed, but everyone loves a snuggle.
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