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This is a list of the best list making sites.

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    Demolistic was on Mashable and clearly lets you make lists.
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    Batterij / adapter ASUS G73JH

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    I work there, and I can say with no hesitation that we let you make lists.
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    batteria Dell Vostro 1000,

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    Tastiq is an older list site that was originally built as a list publishing platform, and therefore lacks many of the collaborative and community features of the other listing sites.The next iteration is in development, which will focus on collaboration, streamlining the interface and design elements, and making it more fun to create and contribute to lists.

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    User-editable site that tracks alternatives to software and web applications of all types. Rankings are based on global site popularity, not popularity on that particular list, which is an interesting and unusual approach, but one that may have merits in some cases.
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    Batterij / adapter Asus k50

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    batteria Dell Latitude E6500 ,

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    Chizat isn't truly a list making application, but gives you the ability to create and share a discussion board in one easy step. It's extremely simple to use - no registration is required.

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    Wikipedia doesn't let you create lists about just anything - they have to follow the site guidelines for inclusion. But where it does have lists, they are generally good quality, and they can relatively easily be expanded into arbitrarily detailed comparison tables if there is demand for that.
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    batteria Acer TravelMate 6292

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    batteria Dell Inspiron 5100 ,

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    Make Five

    Make Five was on Hacker News and they let you make lists. I get confused that the lists are often longer than five items.
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    batteria DELL XPS L701x,

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    batteria Acer Aspire 7736ZG

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    On My List

    I think they're neat, but the spammers seem to have overrun them.
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