Best James Bond Actor

There has been quite a few of them over the years. Limiting to the movies only, who is the best using your own metrics?

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    Sean Connery

    To me, Sean Connery defined who James Bond is. Maybe because From Russia With Love was the first Bond movie I watched...
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    Daniel Craig

    Like many, I was very skeptical of the choice of Craig, initially, but I was quite impressed by his performance. I'm really looking forward to the next Bond movie with him.
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    Roger Moore

    Fight scenes sucked, dry hair under water? Still loved the movies, but was turned off by the 'fakeness' of the stunts.
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    Pierce Brosnan

    Born to play Bond. God gives everyone a purpose. His was to play Bond.
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    George Lazenby

    Good or bad, he only made on film.
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    Timothy Dalton

    Never would have chosen him and would have moved mountains to get Pierce out of his Remington Steele contract.
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    David Niven

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