Best Hot Soups For Cold Weather

There are a lot of great soups but these ones will really warm you up and taste delicious in the process.

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    Lobster Bisque

    How can you go wrong with lobster? It's creamy and delicious plus will warm the soul. A little bit of luxury in your dinner.
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    Broccoli Cheese

    There are a lot of different recipes but they are all great. Cheesy and comforting, the perfect way to warm up in winter.
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    Clam Chowder

    A classic favorite. Canned from Campbells, homemade or from your favorite restaurant. No matter which you choose they are sure to make you smile.
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    Chicken Noodle

    Perfect for those sniffles and coughs to make you feel all better. It's also healthy and will make you feel warm all over.
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    Italian Wedding Soup

    Little chunks of sausage mixed in with rice, beans and vegtables, talk about a complete meal all in one bowl!
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    Tortilla Soup

    Want a little spice to heat things up? This one will do it for you. Top off with some shredded cheese and you have a bit of Mexican culture filling you up.
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    Potato Cheese

    It's like mashed potatoes and cheese in a bowl, how can you go wrong with that? It's perfection.
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    This is one healthy yet hearty soup that will help not only warm you up but keep that body functioning correctly. Lentils are extremely good for you!
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    Beef Broth

    You don't even have to add anything to it. It is good all on its own.
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