Best Content Management System (CMS)

What do you think is the holy grail of the CMS?

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    WordPress is a great foundation for building simple CMS sites for clients who only need to occasionally update simple content. I've found a lot of devs push clients towards Drupal when all they need is something really basic.
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    While CakePHP is not exactly a full-fledged CMS, it is my favorite because it offers a great balance between foundation and flexibility, while reinforcing MVC best practices. You can have a basic CMS up and running in a matter of hours with it.
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    I am not a fan of Drupal. It takes forever to come up to speed on it, and then your worst horrors are realized - that yes, it really is a pain in the ass to implement the features you need.
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    A lot like Drupal. Probably easier for a newb to pick up and use, but once again makes me wonder why I'm not just starting from a basic framework. Good for people doing some kind of basic commerce site who don't want to do any of the heavy lifting.
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    MediaWiki is just damn-well written and well thought-out. I guess it has to be considering it serves millions of hits per month on the official site.
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    Zend Framework

    Zend Framework is a good foundation to build sites with, offering a TON of webservice plugins.
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    Another framework that really isn't a CMS. This is the most basic of the frameworks I've used. It is very efficient and has very low bloat. If you are used to writing PHP from scratch and want an extremely simple framework to get off the ground with, CodeIgniter is worth taking a look at.
    Third in my list of "Best PHP Frameworks" - affected by same issue as the other two.
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    Plone is the DEVIL. Complete overkill. Good luck if you want to change the workflow to something outside the pattern they intended!
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