Best Celebrity Smiles

Sure lots of celebrities are attractive, but who has the best smile? These are the best of the best.

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    David Beckham

    Unlike his pouty former pop star wife, this sexy soccer superstar is proud to show off happiness and thank goodness, he has a terrific smile. With his sleek tan, trendy style and gorgeous smile he truly looks like a million bucks. You gotta love a man who exudes sexuality in such a strong manner.
  • 2.

    Halle Berry

    Her smile actually gets better with age, there are so many layers to it. What makes her grin so great is that it compliments her facial bone structure so well. When she opens her mouth and smirks her cheekbones lift and her eyes shine.
  • 3.

    Kate Hudson

    The best bohemian chic smile ever seen. She's Hollywood's golden girl and even without make-up she looks amazing, when she smiles. Her grin can light up a room and make you feel instantly happy. It's a thing of magic.
  • 4.

    Michael Vartan

    Most people wouldn't think of him, but have you seen that smile? He's not the biggest movie star but his teeth should be. His grin is perfect for his face and gives off a handsome, sexy, charming and radiannt feeling every time he flashes it.
  • 5.

    Christina Applegate

    She has perfect teeth and loves to smile, smirk, even laugh to show off those pearly whites. Plus she often wears red lipstick to compliment her blonde locks which makes her teeth loook even whiter. She's beautiful and confident and has the smile to match.
  • 6.

    Brittany Murphy

    She's petite and adorable with such perfect teeth you would think she was a doll. Her smiles makes her whole appearance and shows that she is a woman, not a little girl. She's also very bubbly which is lucky for us because that means we get to see that smile even more.
  • 7.

    Will Smith

    He's the highest paid and most lucrative actor in Hollywood and his smile certainly has something to do with it, Mr. Suave. He's got the looks, moves and grins to turn any head and make you come back for more. He may have a big head but his big teeth fit in perfectly and he'll charm the pants off anyone that lets him.
  • 8.

    Katherine Heigl

    The traditional American beauty. She's tall, lean, smoking hot nad has a grin that can kill. She's sweet and fun, sexy and voluptuous. But her best feature is by far her smiles, perfectly designed and spaced teeth set against some vibrant red lipstick. A sure fire winner!
  • 9.

    Eva Mendes

    A sex kitten in disguise. She walk with an air of confidence and sex appeal most women can only dream of having. Then she smiles and you know you're in for trouble. Eva has several smiles; a come get me on, a devious up to no good one, a happy as can be one and a sense of accomplishment one. The common factor? They're all amazing.
  • 10.

    Julia Roberts

  • 11.

    Jessica Alba

    A perfect ten. The ultimate girl next door, she has everything going for her, especially a megawatt grin. She never takes a bad photo. All she has to do is smile and the world is entranced. Her smiles are never forced and always perfectly posed, like it is completely effortless, that's a talent. The best smile hands down.
  • 12.

    Bruce Willis

  • 13.

    Selena Gomez

  • 14.

    Emma Watson

  • 15.

    Pre-Cruise Katie Holmes

    Think Dawson's Creek Katie and you'll know what I mean.
  • 16.

    Elena Sandero

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