Best Cat Postings on Craigslist

Some hilarious stuff from Craigslist.

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    2 effective Methods on bathing a CAT.

    "...1. Thoroughly clean the toilet..." View it >>
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    Insane Cat w/lips, Plus $5.00, to good home.

    "The posting pretty much says it all -- this cat (beautiful charcoal gray color, beautiful coat, beautiful eyes, and lips - yes, lips - do all cats have these?) showed up at our house, we've kept her for a long time, and simply can't keep her any longer. Plus, she's insane." View it >>
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    CAT SITTER needed for my lousy cat

    "...Going away for two weeks and I must find a sitter for my cat. You would need to take him to your apartment because my house sitters are deathly allergic. A liitle background information for prospective babysitters..." View it >>
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    free: the worst cat

    "I first heard about our cat about 6 months ago, when I had not yet moved to Philadelphia post-graduation as per my long-standing plans with my best friend from high school. My first impression of the cat was my best friend calling me on my cell phone and asking me how you could tell if a kitten was rabid." View it >>
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    Carton Of Irregular Cat Hats

    "....I have a big box of used cat and kitten hats that I have collected over the years for various occasions...." View it >>
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    How to tell your friend his cat's dead

    "let me start by saying, i own a cat, love my pet, and wouldn't ever do anything to hurt it. With that said...." View it >>
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    My cat is a free loader

    "Seriously, my cat is taking advantage of me. I had to pay a special visit to Petco earlier today for more cat food. Petco's honest slogan should be "It's where your money goes."" View it >>
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    To my Ex-GF's Cat

    "...I don't miss her, but I miss you. You are the only cat I ever liked...and I think you liked me as I'm the only person you let pick up and walk around with..." View it >>
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    Dear Cat,

    "...Dear Cat, I have some issues with you right now that I would like to hash out..." View it >>
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    i love cat puke

    "After an 11-hour shift at work today, i just want to go home and relax. My cats wait for me by the door and yell for food. I crack open a can of 9Lives and split it 50/50 in bowls for them." View it >>
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    Dear CATS: You make it impossible to love you!!!!

    "Cat #1. Fatty McRetard." View it >>
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    I accidentally molested my cat...

    "So...I haven't had a boyfriend in 7 months." View it >>
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    "...Last night I'm out on a date with this woman I'd seen a few times before. We were having a great time and she asks me back to her apartment. So I go, of course..." View it >>
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    $100 to steal my roommate's cat

    "Need an easy way to make $100? Break into my apartment and steal my roommate’s cat. Please!" View it>>
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