Actresses That Will Make You Go To The Movies

Some are beautiful, some are dramatic, some complete our favorite romantic comedies. No matter what, if these women are in the movie, then we will be there ready to watch them.

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    Angelina Jolie

    She really can do it all. We may be a little scared of her beating us up, but this international mommy really can make a movie all on her own.
  • 2.

    Anne Hathaway

    She can do the fun kids movies like Ella Enchanted and Princess Diaries or the compelling like Devil Wears Prada. She is beautiful and enchanting and always amazing to watch on screen.
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    Cameron Diaz

    Fun and spunky and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She brings a certain charm to every role that she plays.
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    Drew Barrymore

    The constant debate between men and women is about how much Drew Barrymore is adored. Well, thank goodness date night is usually ladies choice.
  • 5.

    Kate Beckinsale

    Super hot and looks great in black leather. Not only does she look good but she kicks butt. What a woman.
  • 6.

    Julia Roberts

    The smile that captivates. Romantic comedies seem to be a very good area for her, but she has proven herself in the drama department as well. Oh Julia we will never grow tired of you!
  • 7.

    Sandra Bullock

    You just want to be her friend. She seems like the girl next door who just so happens to be in the movies. Not all her work may be golden, but we will forgive and always give her a second (sometimes third) chance.
  • 8.

    Selma Hayek

    Sultry accent and beautiful curves. She has got to top the list of producers and casting directors whenever a leading lady is in the script.
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    Kate Hudson

    She is beautiful and can act. What a great combination. She can hold a movie on her own, bit pair her up with Mathew McConaughey and to screen becomes golden.
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    Natalie Portman

    Young and fun. Such a great actress, she seems to become the person and become the part. And hey, let’s face it, she’s not bad on the eyes either.
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