About Demolistic

What is Demolistic?

Demolistic is a integrated list-building, voting, and discussion/forum service.


Demolistic allows you to quickly create ranked lists of anything: people, places, events, jokes, concepts, etc. The subject is completely up to you. After you've created a list, other people can choose to make their own version of your list, reordering your entires, removing other entries, and adding new entries. When this happens, Demolistic will calculate the demolist - a consensus list - based on evenyone's entries.

A Quick Example

A user, Ava, likes Apples. Ava creates a new list titled, "Most delicious tasting apples." Ava adds three types of apples to his list:

  Ava's List
  1. Golden delicious
  2. Macintosh
  3. Gala

Another user, Dan, see's Ava's list, but disagrees with what Ava put on the list. Dan creates a new copy of the list, and changes it:

  Dan's List
  1. Macintosh
  2. Gala
  3. Granny Smith
  4. Fuji

Demolistic will now calculate a demolistic for the the topic, "Most delicious tasting apples," based on the preferences of Ava and Dan. This list would look something like this:

  Demolist (based on consensus)
  1. Macintosh
  2. Gala
  3. Golden delicious
  4. Granny Smith
  5. Fuji

Discussion Boards

Every list topic has a discussion board. The initial comments on a discussion board are copied from users' lists, and grouped by entry. For example, I add Golden delicious apples to my list, and then comment "I love golden delicious apples because they're cheap and stay ripe a long time." On the discussion board, my comment will appear under the topic "Golden delicious." Other users can view my thoughts and respond accordingly.